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Get started with the Ultimate Autoimmune Inflammation & Energy Guide

For women who want to improve inflammation & metabolic health with a practical, proven approach ... RESILIENCE!

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This guide is for you if:


You are a woman with a rheumatic, neuromuscular or IBD autoimmune, like RA, fibro, MCTD, PsA, AS, MS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac.


You have the goal of improving energy, weight and/or inflammatory markers in the next 3-6 months.


You are ready to use a whole-body plan that includes evidence-based nutrition, movement and mindset for autoimmune ... working with your doctors and learning to become an advocate and leader in your own body, health and future.


You want to learn from a professional who has 10+ years of personal and clinical experience with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.


You are sick of diet-hopping, pill popping and starting over again every month, or after a flare. You want solutions that are sustainable, effective and easy to follow so you can finally experience relief and predictabiity with your condition.

Meet Vanessa Bond


Hi, I’m founder of The Integrative Autoimmune Network, a nutritionist with 10+ years clinical experience and mom to an autoimmune teen. I know you're looking for practical solutions that fit into your life and not another list of things to do.

It’s my professional and personal experience that research-based nutrition & lifestyle strategies can help provide incredible relief from aches, pains, digestive upset and low energy while also rebuilding resilience … helping us bounce back from flares or difficult events with greater ease.

And doctors agree, which is why nutrition and lifestyle changes are recommended by all major medical autoimmune associations, hospitals and clinics.

Yet, there are very few credible, practical resources around to support women with autoimmune like yourself. That's why I created a resource I wish had existed when autoimmune first walked into our lives. 

Autoimmune isn’t caused by one thing which is why it isn’t “fixed” by one thing - healing requires a whole-body approach.

In The Ultimate Autoimmune Nutrition Guide, I’m going to send you a series of emails that will help you identify where to prioritize your time and energy. We will start with an inflammation self-assessment and then move on from there. 

This is an experience … don’t let it collect digital dust. I’m all about action and I would be honoured to help move you forward in your healing journey. 

XO Vanessa


If you're curious about my story ...

My teen is living well with a rare rheumatic condition called CRMO, which is similar to JIA or RA. I too have had elevated Rheumatoid Factor since my 20s, and used to struggle with a long list of digestive issues (IBS & Candida), which is why I became a holistic & integrative nutritionist 10 years ago.

Integrative nutrition and supporting digestive function - making it practical and easy for our family - was a key part of our success because food is the foundation for health.

During my career, I have worked at two naturopathic health clinics where I supported clients with various inflammatory conditions and now support clients online across Canada and the US.

I'm a professional advisor at the student clinic with the Institute For Holistic Nutrition, I write for publications and participate in summits and podcasts.

I hope you enjoy the handout ... it's what I practice at home and teach my clients.

Helping you bond with good health,